Electronic Cigarette

All you need to know about electronic cigarettes in South Africa

Is second hand vapour harmful?

When someone switches to electronic cigarettes from cigarettes, it often is an indicator that they do not want to do those around them any harm by exposing them to harmful and toxic chemicals. With smoke, comes fire, and there are always going to be whispers about how harmful second hand vapour is. Many people oppose [...]

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Looking after your Electronic Cigarette

Those of you who already own e-cigs, will know that they are pretty low maintenance products. Still, you need to take care of them to ensure you get the longest lifespan and most enjoyment out of your device. They offer so many benefits, so it does not hurt to show them a little bit of [...]

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Making the change to electronic cigarettes

If you are currently a smoker, or have been a smoker in your life, you will know what an extremely difficult habit it is to kick. Many smokers have embraced electronic cigarettes and have found that they prove to be an incredible alternative – they get their nicotine kick without the smoke, tar and other [...]

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Accessories for your electronic cigarette

With hundreds of different ecigs available on the market and all the different options; you also get to choose between many accessories to go with your new ecig. Accessories offer a huge amount on convenience and they also allow you to use your device in a more personal, tailored way. Different types of chargers also [...]

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How to get started with electronic cigarettes

If you are contemplating switching to electronic cigarettes, you are probably doing some homework. No? Well, maybe you should in order to get get the best possible e-cig experience. From where and how to get the best electronic cigarette on the market, to which make of e-cig is the best for you. You will need [...]

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Benefit of Electronic Cigarettes

When current cigarette smokers are considering switching to electronic cigarettes, they will be faced with many different brands. An important factor is seeing the benefits of the new approach. The vast majority of people who are interested in switching to electronic cigarettes, are current smokers. If you are reading this, chances are, you are one [...]

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Why you should not buy generic liquid

Electronic cigarette liquid is an essential when it comes to using your e-cig. Whether you choose to go for homeopathic liquids (containing zero nicotine) or liquid that contains nicotine, e-cigs essentially run on liquid – the liquid creates the vapour! You wouldn’t be able to use your e-cig without liquid and there is a huge [...]

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What to expect from E-cigs

For those of you who do watch the David Letterman show, you might have seen a clip of the episode with Katherine Heigl when she puffed away on her electronic cigarette. Heigl stated that after trying numerous products, she was finally able to toss her tobacco cigarettes by switching to electronic cigarettes. That was a [...]

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How to smoke your electronic cigarette in public

A few years ago, you were able to smoke wherever you wanted to. In malls, in some movie theatres,  in restaurants. These days, smoking is shunned and many people resort to hiding around corners to have a quiet cigarette to avoid the glares. Now, with electronic cigarettes gaining huge popularity, there is no need to [...]

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Smoking on an airplane?

For those of you who have already made the switch from cigarettes to electronic cigarettes will feel the inner rebel come out at times – because you can use your e-cig in places where cigarettes are not allowed, and it’s perfectly legal! You can use your electronic cigarette in restaurants, bars, airports and most public [...]

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